Market Research

Focus Groups, Key Informant Interviews, Community Forums, Primary Survey Research

Qualitative Research

When you need to go beyond an open-ended survey question or really need to hear opinions, Parker Philips offers an array of services to get you quality feedback. We will design appropriate tools based on the client’s objectives to solicit input, recruit/advertise for the event, and facilitate the meetings. Making participants feel comfortable and welcome is what we do. We will analysis the findings of the group using trusted methodologies to summarize the findings. We will recommend the types of incentives and structure best for you to achieve your research goals.

Quantitative Research

Primary data research is often needed to inform a project. Knowing which methodology to use (telephone, email, intercept), how many surveys to collect to have a representative sample that is statistically valid, and how to properly design a survey are vital to the success of a project. Parker Philips knows how to craft a sample plan to get the results our clients need.

Secondary Data Analysis

Sometimes just getting a summary of all the work that has been done, what data has been published by others, and a best practice review are what is needed on a project. Our ability to research credible sources and synthesize all readily available data into a cited, easy to understand document takes an outside party. Parker Philips can get up to speed quickly and give your organization data/information that is usable from a multitude of sources. We don’t want to recreate the wheel. If you or others have already done the data, we will evaluate and use it.

Market Research

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