Economic Impact Analysis

A Modern Approach Using Trusted Methodologies

What do you mean to your neighbors? How do you impact the economy; your community? Each entity has an impact on a street, city, region, state and sometimes nation. Parker Philips will help you tell this story.

When a company adds 100 high-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector the ripples begin to be felt. A University contributes by creating jobs and retaining talent. There is a short-term impact of a billion dollar hospital construction project and long-term payoff. We’ll help you measure it, analyze it and then effectively tell your story.

Parker Philips understands how to measure an organization’s impact on the economy and will help you make that story work for you. We are highly skilled in providing economic impact studies for for-profit and non-profit organizations (healthcare, manufacturing, colleges and universities, biosciences, corporations, foundations, tourism, national heritage areas), conducting supply chain analysis, and industry cluster analysis. Utilizing IMPLAN as our preferred methodological tool, Parker Philips has the skills to deliver a high quality and defensible economic impact study and compelling and influential story.

Economic Impact

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