Public Affairs

Our team has significant experience advancing complex ideas and issues to move public policy. What differentiates our approach from other firms is that we get how to connect with your audience and understand the intricacies of working with government officials. We well known for managing coalition work with complementary missions to build consensus and buy-in.

When you’re ready to start a movement, you’ll need effective earned media and editorial coverage, internal and external communications, paid advertising, strategic partnerships, and a dynamic social media campaign. We’ve got the head and heart for moving public opinion on issues that matter.

Brand design & development

Our team aligns your business goals to with our strategic marketing expertise and helps you deliver on your brand promise. From our customized brand experience to the color, look, and feel of a brand package, Parker Philips can create a memorable brand that reflects the promise you’re making to anyone who engages with it. Starting with a dynamic logo – the graphic representation of your message or movement — our team helps your define the attitude and the potential altitude of your organization.

Graphic Design

Our exceptional graphic design team is well-known for understanding the art and science of visual communication. From the very first step of creating your brand, your image is woven through the layers of social media channels, print and web assets and is the signature of our customized economic impact studies. As we like to say, in the digital age design is king.

Social Media

Social media management is increasingly important as the demand for a digital presence is constant and ever changing. The art of developing your voice, while feeding each channel and engaging users as they scroll takes experience and a sophisticated understanding of the trends that help grow your social media footprint.

Communications Strategy

We develop and implement communication strategies that advance your goals. Our expert communications team will help you define your audience and build message frames that work. Successful messaging happens when you keep an eye on your goals and put your heart into creating a clever and memorable story. Tailoring tactics shows that you understand your audience – defining goals, establishing times, and compelling narratives show you know how to win.

Event Planning

Parker Philips event planning team crosses between on-site extravaganzas and online experiences that engage, educate, and energize participants. We are well respected among top government officials and corporate clients for our ability to organize and execute events that are camera ready when the principals show up.

Let's Make An Impact - Together

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