Economic Impact Analysis

Parker Philips understands how to measure an organization’s impact on the economy and will help you make that story work for you. We are highly skilled in providing economic impact studies for non-profit and for-profit organizations (healthcare, manufacturing, colleges and universities, biosciences, corporations, foundations, tourism, national heritage areas), conducting supply chain analysis, and industry cluster analysis. Parker Philips has the skills to deliver a high quality and defensible economic impact study and a compelling and influential story.

The opportunity to build awareness among consumers about the benefits of your organization is ripe as you prepare to release your impact report. Most firms leave you with a report and then you go to work. Parker Philips pairs your results with a strategic marketing plan, putting your results to work for you.


Our two-level assessment uncovers client need and determines the proper research methods.

All projects we take have research associated with them from our first conversation. What issue do you need to be solved? What are your expectations? Who you are as an organization? Are our skills and your needs a good match? What is the market demanding? What are your peers or competitors doing? The goal is to ensure that we understand why you contacted us in the first place and keep that in the front of our minds from the beginning to the end of our engagement.

Our research tools are many and range from secondary data summaries, key informant interviews, focus groups, survey research, and economic impact and financial analysis.


Careful examination of the project and its data provides direction and purpose. We will make sense of it for you.

Once we have all the information we need to complete the study, careful analysis must be done. There is nothing worse than when a consultant hands you binders full of information, but you don’t know what they mean. We will avoid the dreaded data dump. Utilizing the proper tools for analysis and knowing what the data means is our job. Our commitment to statistically valid and industry respected methods will give your organization confidence that the final analysis is defensible to internal and external audiences. Parker Philips will compile and synthesize this data into formal findings that your organization can utilize. We will use them to inform the narrative and qualitative aspects of your study.


It’s time to tell your story. Our marketing and communications skills will set you apart from the pack.

All the research and economic impact analysis in the world still won’t help you get to your audiences in a way that they understand or need to hear the findings. We pride ourselves on telling a story that makes sense and reflects the look and feel of your organization. Our marketing and communications skills go to work for you and give your organization a distinct advantage.

We will work with you and your team to develop a narrative, presentations, social media rollout, press releases, and create a plan so your study goes to work for you. A report that gathers dust on a shelf is a very expensive bookend; we will help you set a pathway that keeps your findings front and center.

Let's Make An Impact - Together

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