All projects we take have research associated with them from our first conversation.  What issue does your company organization need to be solved? What are your expectations? Who you are as an organization? Are our skills and your needs a good match? What is the market demanding? What are your peers or competitors doing?  The goal is to ensure that we understand why you contacted us in the first place and keep that in the front of our minds from the beginning to the end of our engagement.

Our research tools are many and range from secondary data summaries, key informant interviews, focus groups, survey research, and economic impact and financial analysis.

Two Level Assessment

Client Need

Client Need: We establish a clear understanding of what tools are needed to deliver a project that exceeds expectations. We will assess your needs as a company/organization and recommend a research strategy with specific tools to support your expectations. We view our clients as a part of our team, but it is our responsibility to deliver the final product. You will never work harder than we do to get the deliverable you were promised.

Research Tools

Our extensive experience in research guarantees that we will bring the right methods and approach to the table. If you need quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and/or economic analysis, we are skilled in proper research protocols and understand the mechanics of each assessment approach and their limits and strengths.


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