Modern Model

Parker Philips team has worked extensively in the government, corporate and non-profit world and we think we’ve found the right approach for us, which is basically all about our clients. The consulting world has changed significantly since we started out and our model adjusts for that. Clients are savvier and need a team who can take their project to the finish line on point, on time, and on budget. Clients are the focus. We know how deliver value and expertise to each of our clients. You are busy running your business, so will streamline data collection and your role as much as possible. You are paying us to do a job and we’re up for it!

1. Assess

Our two-level assessment uncovers client need and determines the proper research methods.

2. Analyze

Careful examination of the project and its data provides direction and purpose. We will make sense of it for you.

3. Assert!

It’s time to tell your story. Our marketing and communications skills will set you apart from the pack.

Let's Talk About:
Your Economic Impact Study-An Effective Communications Strategy-The Pittsburgh Panthers-Expanding Operations into a New Market-Your Research Needs-Lake Effect Snow-Getting Your Company to the Next Level-Feasibility Studies-The King of Rock & Roll

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