Kristianna Del Grande

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Kristianna Del Grande’s degree in International Relations and Political Science from St. Joseph’s University (#THWND), and a White House Internship led her into a government post that would change her career path for years to come.

Kristi is a lover of writing, people and can keep a project on track under the wildest of circumstances. As a Deputy Press Secretary under Governor Edward G. Rendell, she encountered many wild circumstances, particularly when working with Rendell Press Secretary Kate Philips (the Philips in Parker Philips). Kristi’s talent for writing and persuasion led to a career in communications far beyond government. Leaping ahead, she landed a public relations job within the financial sector with a MUCH shorter commute, and MUCH better hours.

While gaining valuable experience in both the private and public sectors of communications, Kristi’s entrepreneurial side envisioned a life of independent employment working for a variety of organizations. Alongside a top-notch graphics and web designer, she co-founded jellyFace Creative – a communications consulting firm that has delivered communications and marketing material to dozens of clients from almost every sector.

Throughout her career, Kristianna has remained thick-as-thieves with Kate Philips both as friends and co-workers. They have worked alongside one another for the past five years helping launch and grow a successful marketing and communications effort on behalf of the Pre-K for PA campaign. When Parker Philips was launched, Kristi was the first on board and hit the ground running as Communications Director and Project Manager.

In this role, she uses her years of experience in marketing and public relations, art direction, and project management to run handfuls of social media campaigns and ensure each client receives the best possible attention.

In her spare time, Kristi volunteers with the Family Lives On Foundation and Lifting Up Camden’s Youth (LUCY) – two organizations near and dear to her heart, manages two children, a husband, a live-in mother and tries to squeeze in some Namaste moments when she can.

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