A recent study found that gaming revenue has brought in more than $200 million since its inception eight years ago.

With local gaming revenue funds still in limbo in Harrisburg, the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority released a study that shows that gaming revenue has done more for the Erie County economy than they originally expected. Bringing in just under 1,200 jobs to the area.

In October, the state Supreme Court declared local share gaming revenue unconstitutional. A ruling that was initially thought to cost the county $13 million annually. But a new study shows that the detriment could be much worse than that.

Over the past eight years, gaming funds have brought in $208.9 million in total economic impact and also created 1,173 jobs and added $2.9 million in local taxes generated.

If Harrisburg leaders do not find common ground by May 21, the window to make changes to the law goes away, along with all of the funding.

ECGRA only has one year’s worth of gaming revenue left if the law is not changed.

They have given this study to all state lawmakers to show them the major impact these funds have on Erie County’s economy.

Perry Wood, executive director of ECGRA, also mentioned that without this funding, that Erie County would see a negative ripple effect that would risk further instability to the local economy.

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