Parker Philips, Inc. is a women-owned boutique-consulting firm committed to keeping our principals at the table and tailoring our expertise to meet each client’s unique needs.

Cookie cutter consulting went out the door as soon as Google hit the world stage. We treat each client to a singular experience and deliver a product that considers their unique business goals and supports their communication needs.

Parker Philips replaces the “Save As” culture with an approach that is rooted in original content and integrity—and it works. Because we only accept a certain number of projects at a time, we do not over commit our staff or ourselves.

The Parker Philips firm custom builds our teams around each client’s needs and then those handpicked experts staff your project. We select subject matter experts who can produce high-quality work. Unlike other firms, we can guarantee that the same team will carry the project start to finish.

With 40 years of combined experience, Parker Philips founders Kate Philips and Nichole Parker have a reputation, and it’s for being two chicks who know how to get things done.

We are based in Erie, PA with employees working in Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

Nichole Parker

Nichole Parker


Nichole Parker is widely regarded as a top-notch consultant who brings a project in on time and on budget but more importantly generates defensible studies using trusted methods. She’s a pro.

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Kate Philips

Kate Philips


Kate Philips co-founded Parker Philips while running her highly successful strategic marketing and public affairs firm, Ten 53 Newton, LLC.  It would be an understatement to call her a high-energy consultant.

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Modern Model

Parker Philips team has worked extensively in the government, corporate and non-profit world and we think we’ve found the right approach for us, which is basically all about our clients. The consulting world has changed significantly since we started out and our model adjusts for that. Clients are savvier and need a team who can take their project to the finish line on point, on time, and on budget. Clients are the focus. We know how to deliver value and expertise to each of our clients. You are busy running your business, so we will streamline data collection and your role as much as possible. You are paying us to do a job and we’re up for it!

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